SALES – SF500 Sunburst

MODEL: SF500              COLOUR: Sunburst               EXTRAS: N/A                SOLD: £350

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to sell a large part of my personal Super Flighter collection, and this is one of the ones that is unfortunately going up for sale.

The first Super Flighter I bought, my sunburst SF500. It’s in exceptional condition for a guitar of over 35 years, with very minor buckle rash, several almost unnoticeable specs on the front of the body’s lacquer, and one previously repaired chip to the headstock. The fretwork is in great shape, there are no dead spots of buzzing areas. (Please be aware that my playing style is quite light, excessively hard strumming/picking may discover buzzing spots as the action is very low).

As on virtually every Super Flighter, the paint around the pickup covers has started to come off over the years, but this is a much less extreme case than on most other models in my experience. There is also a fairly continuous patch along the centre of the back of the neck where the lacquer appears to have worn through playing.

I unfortunately do not have a case for this guitar, but all parts of hardware and electronics are original, no modifications have been made. I’ve owned this SF500 since 2012. I have several more detailed photos available, please get in touch if you’d like to see them!