MODEL: SF700          COLOUR: Persimmon Red     EXTRAS: Original Hard Case          PRICE: £595

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to sell a large part of my personal Super Flighter collection, and this is one of the ones that is unfortunately going up for sale.

A more detailed photo album is available via a shared link to a Google Drive folder, please get in touch if you’d like to see it!

This guitar is in excellent condition for its age, with very very few signs of wear. As with every other Super Flighter I’ve owned or even seen, the pickup covers are scratched, but these can be powercoated if restoration is your aim – I’ve had a set done for approx £15 in the past. Supplied with the original hard case, this is a great find! Any Super Flighter in this condition is a rare occurrence, and the SF700 is an excellent choice for those who maybe don’t have the budget for the fully spec’d out SF1000.

The main reason that this one is slightly cheaper than my other SF700 is listing is that it would benefit from a new nut and a minimal fret dressing. The low E string rattles when open (none of the other strings do this) and the G and B strings get a little buzz around the 9th/10th frets when the action is set particularly low. I’ve had this work quoted at anything from £50 – £75, and so have discounted it accordingly.