Second Generation: 1980 – 1982

The second generation of Super Flighters changed the basic body shape, extending the top horn slightly to bring a more modern appearance a little closer to that of the increasingly common “super strat”. This range also reduced the number of frets to 22, and was the first to include a through-neck model. Unlike the first generation, the coil-tap was a feature of every model in this range.

Yamaha SF3000
This was the first Super Flighter produced with a single pickup, following the simple stylings of guitars such as Gibson’s Les Paul Junior. Also being the only Super Flighter with a tremolo bridge, this grabbed the attention of a new area of the market.

Yamaha SF5000
The second model in the second generation brought in a second humbucker, but kept the circuit relatively simple with just two dials – master volume and master tone. It also saw the return of the standard fixed bridge.

Yamaha SF7000
The top model was fitted with the more familiar circuit of two humbuckers with independent volume and tone controls. It was also the first model to be constructed with a through-neck, although the catalogue refers to it as “one-piece”.

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