First Generation: 1977 – 1980

The first generation included three models, all of the same body shape but with different specifications. Naturally as the price and model number increases, the specifications reach a higher standard. Select one of the three options from the menu below to see more details about each model.

SF500sYamaha SF500
The most affordable model of the range, with a generally lower specification including a bolt-on neck, but still maintaining the famous playability of a vintage Yamaha. As with the higher models these were set-up with just as much attention to ensure the best playing experience.

The middle of the road model introduced the alder and maple body and a maple set-neck. These wood combinations gave a considerably brighter sound than the SF500, despite having the same “F-II” pickups.

SF1000sYamaha SF1000
The highest model in the Super Flighter range, with high spec ebony fretboard, gold hardware and Yamaha’s innovative “Bi-sound” system. Although some argue it isn’t that dissimilar from the SF700, the differences are plenty enough to make for an altogether superior playing experience.