Upcoming Sales

After a lot of thought and consideration, I’ve decided to sell the majority of my Super Flighter collection. Several factors and circumstances dictate it as a necessary move, albeit a reluctant one. I wanted to post here before officially advertising them for sale, in case anybody wanted to get in touch directly before they go to “public” sales.


SF500 Ivory White – The Rare One!

While the SF500 model is the lowest specification of the original Super Flighter range and often overlooked because of it, one of them happens to be the rarest one produced. The Ivory White SF500 is by far the least common – especially with the original case and in a good condition!


How NOT to Get a Good Deal!

As I often do, I’ve been browsing on various selling websites to see if any Super Flighters are moving around and I came across some interesting ones. I found 3 different guitars, two SF500s and one SF1000, both being sold the same guy – “jaysgrocker2000”. Firstly, he seems to be a genuine seller, not someone selling photos found on Google. Secondly, his sales posts demonstrate exactly what to avoid when looking for a Super Flighter!


Which One To Buy?

Hi all, I’ve only recently realised how little attention I’ve been able to pay to this site this year due to work and various other commitments so I’m going to try and make for some of it!

In this post I’ll just do a quite run down of the most basic comparisons between the Super Flighter models for anyone who’s looking for one but doesn’t want to trawl through all the descriptions and specifications, and hopefully I’ll do a few more posts in the coming weeks. (more…)

Pickup Clarification

There’s been a lot of discussion of various forums regarding the different pickups used in the Super Flighter series. A couple of you may have seen my own post earlier in 2014 querying the un-matched pickups in my Persimmon Red SF700. Well after some serious digging through the Yamaha archives, I’ve found an answer! (more…)

Where have they all gone?!

I imagine this could be due to the fact that the financial climate is improving and people are less inclined to sell their guitars for the much needed cash now, but where the hell have all the Super Flighters gone?! Since buying my last piece of the collection, my Persimmon Red SF700 back in June, today is the first time I’ve seen one for sale in the UK! (more…)

SF700 Un-matched Pickups?

Today my final piece of the puzzle arrived, an SF700 in Persimmon Red! My collection is now complete and all original with the exception of one hard case, which I’m sure I’ll never get, but it’s all good. Upon receipt of this SF700, I started my near ritualistic procedures of new-guitar-day. Pulled the old strings off, polished up the body, cleaned the fretboard and oiled the neck before restringing and setting up. While the strings were off, I lifted the pickups to look at the date stamp underneath, and was caught totally by surprise…


Volume Dial “Clicking”

I’ve seen a few threads debating this in the past, and thought I’d comment through my own experience. A number of people have found with some older Yamaha guitars that the volume dials make a click or crackling sound when turned, regardless of how well you clean them. Some people have assumed it’s simply age and suggest replacing the pots altogether. It actually appears to be in their design!