How To Date Your Yamaha Super Flighter

There are websites all over the internet that allow you to input a guitar’s serial number and it will tell you where your guitar was made, and when – often right down to the exact date. Unfortunately there’s no such thing for vintage Yamaha’s like the Super Flighter. Part of the problem is solved as we know they were only made in the Nippon Gakki factory in Japan, and there’s only a 3 year span in which they were made. There are however, ways to tell what year your guitar was made. (more…)

Manufacturing Defects

Yamaha’s quality control during the time of the Super Flighters was exceptional, which makes something like this even more unusual. You wouldn’t even expect to find this kind of defect on a low end Squier Stratocaster, so how it slipped through Yamaha’s QC is puzzling to say the least… (more…)