SF500 Ivory White – The Rare One!

While the SF500 model is the lowest specification of the original Super Flighter range and often overlooked because of it, one of them happens to be the rarest one produced. The Ivory White SF500 is by far the least common – especially with the original case and in a good condition!

Naturally, I was excited when I received a message from Paul asking for a valuation on his ivory white SF500 that he was looking to sell! There have been very few Super Flighters selling over the last two years, so I’m always happy to see when more start showing up. For the last six months or so there has been a rising number of sales, so perhaps there are going to be more opportunities to buy your own Super Flighter in the coming months?

Either way, you can see Paul’s SF500s on my sales page, and see what you think for yourself. Personally, I’m gutted that I don’t have the funds to make my own offer at the moment, but this is a great chance for a collector to own a rare example of a quality guitar!


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