Pickup Clarification

There’s been a lot of discussion of various forums regarding the different pickups used in the Super Flighter series. A couple of you may have seen my own post earlier in 2014 querying the un-matched pickups in my Persimmon Red SF700. Well after some serious digging through the Yamaha archives, I’ve found an answer!

Looks like there are two types of pickup used in the first generation of Super Flighter guitars as we thought, but not quite in the order we guessed. It was often speculated that the SF700 and SF1000 shared the same pickups, but only the 1000 used the extra contacts to use the “bi-sound system”. Turns out that actually, the 500 and 700 have the same pickups!

These pickups were numbered as “F-XXX”, the Xs representing the various model numbers. The SF500 and SF700 were fitted with F-II humbuckers, while the SF1000 was fitted with F-I humbuckers. I suppose this negates my earlier query about why my SF700 seemed to have an SF500 pickup in it – they’re the same!!

For any of you that have ever questioned the difference in sound between two guitars of different wood but same pickups, there you go! The SF700 definitely sounds brighter than the SF500, and if the pickups are the same then that has to be put down to the maple in the body and neck. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to arrange these sound samples I’ve been meaning to record for the best part of a year now, although to make the most of it I should probably get my amp serviced to expel its nasty mains hum..

Will be uploading again soon! Thanks for all your feedback on the website, love hearing about your own guitars!


  1. My 700 came wired with a coil tap on the tone control, probably done by the previous user. I think they al can be wired this way… judging from the pictures you put up on the other post, I think you’d have to wire that top left connection.

    1. Yep, that’s all you have to do! By saying that this configuration isn’t possible from the factory set up I mean that the pickup wire doesn’t have the four conductors that you would usually see on a coil-tap-able pickup, but there’s no reason that can’t be added later 🙂

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