Volume Dial “Clicking”

I’ve seen a few threads debating this in the past, and thought I’d comment through my own experience. A number of people have found with some older Yamaha guitars that the volume dials make a click or crackling sound when turned, regardless of how well you clean them. Some people have assumed it’s simply age and suggest replacing the pots altogether. It actually appears to be in their design!

It appears that the pots on the Super Flighters at least, have some sort of switch built into them. This means that when set to “10”, the roller inside the pot is bypassed. I’m not sure what benefit this gives you, but it basically just turns the pot “off” when set to “10”, so that the signal passes through at full volume.

I honestly can’t feedback on the advantages of this system, and in fact you could suggest that actually it has no advantages but just gives you an annoying “click” if you roll your volume around a lot, but it does appear to be present on every Super Flighter in my collection. To those of you who want it gone, replacing a pot is an easy job if you’re handy with a soldering iron. However I quite happily take the approach of preserving the original circuit, and knowing that an audience will never hear this click, and you can probably never hear it with the band playing so it’s pretty irrelevant from a practical perspective!

If you do happen to be obsessive over perfectly clean tone in an otherwise silent room, then yeah you’re going to have to chance a pot or two!

As ever, happy playing!

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