Manufacturing Defects

Yamaha’s quality control during the time of the Super Flighters was exceptional, which makes something like this even more unusual. You wouldn’t even expect to find this kind of defect on a low end Squier Stratocaster, so how it slipped through Yamaha’s QC is puzzling to say the least…

SF700_HeadstockWell here is my latest find! The “Super Flighter” decal on this SF700 is missing the “er”. Upon first sight I assumed it to be a fake, but on closer inspection I could find absolutely nothing else to support this. If someone were to have built a fake guitar, surely the fake decal would be centralised? Instead, this is placed exactly as if it were complete and on any other model of Super Flighter. The two words are even on the same levels (“flighter” being slightly higher up than “super”) as on every other model I own. When looking at the construction of the guitar itself you can see the joins in the body woods and the neck pocket are exactly as expected, the serial number is genuine and correctly placed/stamped, and all the electronics are exactly as they should be.

I wonder if anyone else out there has seen something like this before? It’s certainly something I’ve never come across before, and find particularly interesting. Maybe this adds collectors value, or maybe it’s so strange that people would steer clear of it? It’d be cool to get some opinions on this!


  1. Great informative site. If only you could find out why Yamaha created these strange names for their guitars. Super Flighter, Super RocknRoller, Super Axe, etc

    1. Thanks man! I’ll be working on audio clips and videos soon! I’m getting my first SF700 next week so can do some proper comparison then 🙂

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